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Logo Work Wear Apparel develops corporate uniforms that connect emotionally with your customers and the workers who wear them. Our clothing integrates with the very fabric of your brand and creates a memorable, personal connection with your image, and products through your people.

What we do

•  Designing
•  Product development
•  Manufacturing
•  Logistics


Seamless end-to-end product development and production processes

Strict oversight of manufacturing is a crucial part of ensuring the quality, variety and value customers deserve. Our merchandising team of the finest retail-grade garment manufacturers, is directed and managed by Logo Work Wear in the KSA and by logo personal world wide.

Our cost take-out philosophy and factory-direct mentality is the result of our resourceful, innovative and streamlined business approach. We pride     ourselves on partnering only with those manufacturing facilities that meet and/ or exceed our rigorous environmental and social compliance standards. All of our facilities observe fair labor practices and maintain top ratings from independent inspectors for product quality, social compliance and reliability.

All export license and shipment manifests are managed by Logo Work Wear.


Logo – Unmatched, cost-effective, timely and reliable customer care:
An important factor in choosing a resource for uniforms is whether you can get the items you need on demand, and on time. To meet your unique needs we offer:
• Dedicated program merchandisers
• Dedicated warehousing and fulfillment
• Real-time inventory management
• Marketing materials (Such as lanyards, name tags, caps, mugs, logo pins, scarfs, ties, etc…)

What you want, when you want it
At Logo Work Wear, after your first order, we will be having some access stock from your SKU’s to maintain distribution facility to serve our clients better. Its centralized location in Riyadh City has enabled us to build a distribution network that can deliver goods to any KSA destination via DHL within five business days.
• Virtually no back orders
• Best practices for slotting, picking and shipping by program/SKU
• Maintenance of 90-120 days of inventory on all items
• Forecasting, planning and inventory management, including disaster recovery
• Cycle-counting processes by SKU for inventory variance control
• Availability of Real time inventory views
All export license and shipment manifests are managed by Logo Work Wear.

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